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©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago

Born in Tennessee, Elizabeth Nord at the age of 27 is considered one of the top 22 best wedding photographers in Chicago where she can be found. Elizabeth met her husband when she was 16 and got married at the age of 20 (read her love story here). She told me that her biggest obsessions are sour candy, puppies & making people smile.

©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago

VC: What inspired you to get into photography?
EN: I always loved it since I was little, I was “the family photographer” on holidays and things like that. I was just playing around and then my mother in law gave me my first camera and ever since then it turned into my passion and my career.

VC: How long have you been photographer?
EN: Professionally since 5 years ago.©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago
VC: At weddings are you shooting by yourslef or do you have a 2nd shooter?
EN: Yes! I always have a second shooter. I hire other photography business owners, so I know they are competent professionals that I can rely on.

VC: Who retouches all your images?
EN: I do everything, it is all me. I want to keep the same quality in all the work I do.

VC: How would you describe your style in 3 words
EN: Authentic, romantic and timeless.©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago

VC: How many weddings do you do on a weekend?
EN: 1 or 2, it all depends.

VC: Tell me what would be your advice to brides on a wedding day?
EN: To delegate so they don’t get to stress out. Give their phone to someone else so they can enjoy their day.©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago

VC: Who is the photographer that inspires you?
EN: Probably Jasmine Star she is a wedding photographer from California, she is so smart and talented.

VC:How do you market your photography?
EN: Mostly social media, I do style me pretty. I am on their little black book membership.©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago©Viviana Cardona 2016 - Elizabeth Nord. Chicago

VC: Do you do workshops?
EN: Yeah actually I started doing workshops this year, so my first one was in february and I am looking forward to do another during fall. The workshop focuses a lot on the business side of photography, which a lot of workshops often neglect. I also incorporate a wedding styled shoot into the workshop as well so the attendees can gain a more hands on learning experience and so they can build their portfolios.


WHAT IS THE LOVE IN THE CITY WORKSHOP? Whether you’re a beginner photographer or someone that has been in the business for several years, this workshop will help you take your business and photography skills to the next level. While attending, you will gain a deep understanding of how I use my branding market, and networking to create a high end photography business. You will also get to see firsthand how I photograph clients during their engagement session as well as on the wedding day in a natural and authentic way through a engagement and styled wedding shoot.



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