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Danelle Bohane, Wedding Photographer

Happiness is when God gives you the fortune to be able to interview your favorite artists that happens to be your top photographers. Her name is Danelle, she lives in New Zealand and she is such a gem. Thanks again and one million more times for letting me share your words with my people through the blog, you are my inspiration.

Interview. Viviana Cardona
Photo Credit. Danelle Bohane

Danelle BohaneDanelle Bohane0231-Nicole-and-JordanDanelle Bohane

VC. Did you study photography or are you a self taught artist?
DB.I did study, photography was my favourite subject throughout high school and then I studied a diploma in Contemporary Photography after school. Though it was a good basis for history of photography etc so much else is self taught that is applicable to where I am today in my art.

VC. How many weddings do you shoot for a year?
DB.Usually around 25 to 30

VC. How many images do you normally offer in your wedding packages?
DB.For a full wedding day that consists of around 12 hours my couples are getting around 800 images.

Danelle BohaneDanelle BohaneDanelle BohaneDanelle Bohane

VC. Do you bring a second shooter?
DB.I am in the 6th year of shooting and for the first 5 years of doing weddings I have always done it by myself but as of last year my husband Dirk has been shooting and assisting on wedding days and he just officially started working full time with me to handle the business side of Danelle Bohane, which is a huge relief for me.

VC. Your photos are quite unique, are those all taken with natural light or do you use flash? If yes, what kind of light sources do you use?
DB.Yes most of my imagery is taken with natural light apart from some reception and dancing imagery that you see in my work. I am just very particular on the lighting that I use and don’t like to compromise until I find what I am after so scouting locations for portraits is an important part of the process in my image making.

VC. Favourite wedding moment?
DB.Always post ceremony when there is a never ending train of hugs and love!

Danelle BohaneDanelle BohaneDanelle Bohane

VC. What does your workflow look like?
DB.I try to keep my workflow and post production very simple and streamlined. After a wedding I dedicate and afternoon to culling and image selecting, then the next day is to edit the wedding over a full day (generally it takes between 6 to 8 hours for me to edit a wedding) then on the third day I create slideshows and upload necessary galleries etc. To help with the admin side of the business I use a studio managing software called 17 hats to keep the booking process orderly with my couples. The first hour of each day usually consists of admin/emails but with my husband now coming on board things may change a little.

VC. How would you describe your photography style?
DB.It has a sense of place, authentic, romantic, candid, honest, peaceful and the ability to tell a story.

0045-RiaAndrewDanelle BohaneDanelle Bohane

VC. Do you work from a shot list?
DB. Never, I like the spontaneity of photography especially as my focus is on photojournalism and being reactive to what is happening around me.

VC. What’s in your camera bag?
DB: canon 5d mk 3 x2
canon 24mm f1.4
canon 35mm f1.4
canon 50mm f1.2
canon 85mm f1.2
canon 135. f.2
canon speed lights x2


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