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Constantly I am in search of talents, of people that inspire me. Every now and then I look for instagram accounts and read blogs that help my eyes find light, this is how I found Amy Stone, I immediately followed her and ever since then I gave myself the task to interview her. This is what she shared with me.

Amy Stone

VC.First of all tell me a little about yourself. ¿where did you grow & study?
AS.I am from just outside of Philadelphia and attended Penn State University. I studied communications with a focus on creative advertising.

VC.What do you do for a living, what is your current position?
AS.Currently, I am a creative manager for Gap, focusing on social and digital media. In my free time, I am an art director and photographer consulting various lifestyle brands.

Amy StoneAmy Stone Amy StoneAmy Stone

VC. How did you discover you had a creative talent?
AS. Since childhood, I’ve always been a visually minded person with an attraction to all things creative — painting, photography, personal style, fashion, interiors.

VC. Any secret or keys to success?
AS. To me, being steadfast and unwavering in my vision to succeed is crucial. I am a very decisive person who has to go after what I want, in all areas of life!

VC. Tell me if there are some skills that help artists succeed regardless of their specialty?
AS. I believe that knowing one’s aesthetic and visual point of view and being able to express it in multiple ways/mediums is a critical skill for all creatives.


VC.You wrote an article on marie claire magazine about “how to make your instagram stand out” ¿Why is your instagram’s feed all blue?
AS. My eye is deeply attracted to the blues of summer — water, sky, nautical stripes, hydrangeas — and so, in turn, my photography usually leans on the cooler side!

VC. What kind of app do you use to edit your photos?
AS. I am a fan of VSCO for its presets and filters. I also use Snapseed for fine tuning. Lightroom is my preference if I’m editing on a desktop!

VC. Are all those pictures taken with a cellphone if no, which camera do you use?
AS. I shoot almost exclusively on my iPhone! Occasionally, I will use a dSLR, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Amy StoneAmy Stone

VC.The phrase: “aesthetics are important to me” is something I can read almost everywhere I see your name, tell me about it?
AS. It’s actually a quote from the television show Sex and The City, said by my favorite character Charlotte York! But to me, it says exactly how I feel: visuals, images, aesthetic, style, how things look — those things are important to me and always have been.

VC.Lastly, would you mind sharing some tips to engage audience with social media, especially on instagram?
AS. I believe photographs with effort — movement, intention, some kind of “wow” factor” — are what stand out to audiences on Instagram. I think it’s all about knowing and studying what your audience reacts positively to and further creating work that aligns with that!


Image credit. Amy Stone.
Text. Viviana Cardona


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